Foreign Education

Applicants for the CPA examination who earned college credit in foreign countries must have their official educational credentials evaluated by an acceptable foreign credential evaluation service. We accept the following foreign credential evaluation services:


The following foreign credential evaluation services have been approved in Ohio on the basis of being approved by another accountancy board:

Evaluation Service
Accountancy Board
  ACREVS, Inc.   California Board of Accountancy   5/23/2008
  Center for Educational Documentation   Massachusetts Board of Public Accountancy   6/28/2010
  Foreign Credentials Service of America   Nevada State Board of Accountancy   2/1/2012
  Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.   Several accountancy boards   2/11/2021
  NASBA International Evaluation Services   Several accountancy boards   10/1/2012
  One Earth International Credential Evaluation   California Board of Accountancy   5/31/2017

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