CPA Certificate and License Requirements

This section of the Web site contains information useful to candidates for the CPA certificate. For details concerning the documents required to obtain a CPA certificate, please refer to the section entitled CPA Certification Requirements and Procedure. If you wish to find out about CPA certificate and license requirements in other states, please consult our list of Accountancy Boards.

Following are the general requirements for an Ohio CPA Certificate:

  • Successful completion of the CPA examination, or possession of a CPA certificate issued by another state.
  • A Board approved course in professional standards and responsibilities (PSR), completed within the last year, which emphasizes Ohio accountancy law and Board rules. Course sponsors who offer these PSR courses are listed in red on the Board’s PSR page.
  • Experience performing one or more services related to accounting, as defined by Board rule.
  • Successful completion of FBI and BCI criminal record checks.



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