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The Accountancy Board of Ohio is the state government agency established by the Ohio General Assembly in 1908 to regulate the practice of public accounting in Ohio. The Board is responsible for examining and licensing certified public accountants, licensing the remaining public accountants, registering public accounting firms and enforcing the provisions of Chapter 4701 of the Ohio Revised Code as passed by the General Assembly and Chapter 4701 of the Ohio Administrative Code as adopted by the Board. 

The Board is entirely self-sustaining and does not spend any tax dollars. Revenue is generated from fees collected for license applications, license renewals and other services. The Board reimburses other state agencies for services rendered. 

The Ohio Attorney General is the statutory legal counsel to the Board. The Principal Assistant Attorney General, represents the Board in administrative hearings and court proceedings.

The Accountancy Board of Ohio supports the disability inclusion initiatives outlined for all state agencies, boards, and commissions, in accordance with Governor Mike DeWine's Executive Order 2019-03D.  Please click here to learn more about our disability inclusion access. 

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