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E. Reciprocity

If you need to request license verification or a letter of good standing be sent to another Board, please log into your eLicense Dashboard and under the Options menu, click Request Licensure Verification.  Please note that there is a $25 fee for all license verifications.  Questions regarding this process can be sent to our Information Administrator, Rikki Johnson at Richelle.Johnson@acc.ohio.gov.  Please allow 5 to 7 business days for processing.

If you are looking for information to transfer your license to Ohio, please see the "Applying for an Ohio CPA Certificate by Reciprocity" section on our licensing requirements page.

What happens to your Ohio CPA license once you are licensed in another state?

Ohio certificate holders who live and work outside of Ohio, and maintain a current and valid permit/license to practice in another state, need to maintain their Ohio credentials and can do so by renewing as an Out-of-State licensee.  See OAC Rule 4701-7-06.  

Note: Obtaining a reciprocal license in another state does not change or move your Ohio license. You will still need to renew your Ohio license at the end of each reporting period; if you live, work, and hold a license to practice outside of Ohio, you may renew your Ohio CPA credentials with an Out of State designation. There is no cost or CPE reporting, but you will need to submit verification of active licensure in the other state.